Asma Salehi

Asma Salehi born in Kabul Afghanistan 1972.  After her father was martyred, Asma and her family had to leave the country.  She and her family escaped to Pakistan for their safety in 1982. Two years later gaining asylum entry visa to United State, she started a new life. 

Discovering her artistic talent in 1991 changed her goals in life. She feels compelled to use her art to bring forth visual awareness for those who are silent by oppression.  She has expressed her view having different body of works that relates with her subject.  She continues to discover how to be the voice for those who are oppressed.

Asma Salehi is author and illustrator for an ancient folk tale known and beloved in Afghanistan, Buzaak Chinie (The Porcelain Goat). Her envision is to save all the folk tales that she has heard as a child. Visit to learn more about the book.